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Standard Balloon Flight

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6o minutes

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Daily Tour

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28 people




Experience an aerial rise on vacation and a carved mortar over the fairy chimneys, tuff valleys and rocky rocks of Cappadocia on this one hot air balloon flight. Enjoy frequent trainings up to 300 meters above the ground, review your ascending descent with champagne.


  • Amazing sunrise over the valleys of Cappadocia
  • Admire Cappadocia's magical fairy chimneys from above
  • Experience magnificent views from a hot-air balloon


Hot Air Ballooning Cappadocia
An exciting start to your day in Cappadocia! For the Balloon Tour, you will be picked up from your hotel about an hour before sunrise and taken to a light buffet for breakfast.
While you have a light breakfast, pilots will check the weather conditions and decide the best departure place for their preferred flight route. You will also be held security theft of a full consolidation briefing and you will witness the bubble inflate.
The ground crew will help you climb the basket, and when everyone is happy and comfortable, the moment you dream begins! As you glide peacefully over the Cappadocia valleys with its vineyards and magnificent natural rock formations, a magnificent written landscape will open below you. Your balloon will reach 300 meters (1000 feet) during the flight.
This is truly an amazing sight to behold. Hot air balloons go according to the direction of the wind and you swim wherever the wind takes you… But wherever it takes you in Cappadocia, the view will be magnificent, and the scenery and fairy chimneys will open up before you in space.
Your pilot will take you to the most interesting spots he can reach. On landing, the ruptures will be a Champagne Toast in line with the balloon tradition until the first flight in 1783!
Your souvenir Flight Certificate will be given to your hotel, which is full of wonderful memories with your heart.
We aim to bring you back to your hotel around 8:00AM-8:30AM giving you plenty of time to participate in a full-day activity if you wish.


  • Full insurance
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Light breakfast
  • Champagne toasting after landing
  • Flight certificate
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips

Know Before You Go

  • Children under the age of 6 years are not permitted on hot air balloon flights.
  • Children cost is the same cost of adult cost.
  • Pregnant women can not participate on a hot air balloon flights.
  • An upgrade to smaller basket available subject to availability.

Booking Conditions

  • Check availability of this activity for your date(s) before you complete the booking.
  • 20 to 40 % deposit is required at the time of booking.
  • The balance payment is required in cash on the same day of the flight.
  • Balance payment accepted in EUR, TRY or USD.
  • Balance will be charged at the current exchange rate on the day of payment if you wish pay in USD or TRY.
  • If you wish to pay the balance by card/bank transfer, there will be an extra %10 fee of the outstanding amount.
  • Free cancellation up to 2 days before date of flight.
  • If cancelled with-in 2 days or less prior to flight date full cost of booking will be charged.
  • If flights are cancelled due to bad weather, you will be given a full refund or you can choose to reschedule your flight to the next day (Subject to availability).

Group Size

24-28 people

Tour Type

Hot Air Balloon Flight



Tour's Location

Created with Sketch. Cappadocia, TURKEY


Why ballooning famous in Cappadocia?
Cappadocia has excellent weather conditions for hot air ballooning. There are roughly 260 flyable days allowing hot air balloon flights in the area. Flights are operated just in the early mornings when the weather conditions are stable, not windy and with mild temperature. The scenery from a balloon over Cappadocia is breathtaking. While soaring between the rock formations and valleys of Cappadocia, you will have plenty of time to enjoy and photographing the scenery.
Which days balloons are operated?
Hot air balloon flights are in Cappadocia scheduled for each morning during sunrise all year round.
What happens if my hot air balloon flight cancelled due to bad weather?
If flight cancellation made by the Turkish Civil Aviation Authority (due to bad weather), you can choose to reschedule it to next day (subject to availability) or get a full refund.
Who decides cancellation of the hot air balloon flights?
Hot air balloon flights are depending on weather conditions. Turkish Civil Aviation Authority that gives approval of balloon flights if the weather conditions are within limits. This applies to all hot air balloon companies in Cappadocia.
Why hot air balloon flight happens early morning?
Hot air balloon need stable wind to operate effectively and the sunrise hours are the best for finding these winds. Since hot air balloons move with the air, the weather is very important in deciding to whether or not to fly. The pilot chooses a launch site to use the wind currents to fly towards a suitable landing site.
Can I record or take photos during the flight?
Yes, there is no problem taking photo or recording during the flight. A hot air balloon makes a perfect camera platform and there is always plenty to photograph prior to, during and after to the flight.
Where does balloon land?
Good question! The simple answer is that nobody knows, exactly! The pilot will have done flight planning before the launch to ensure that the forecast wind direction does not take the balloon towards an unsuitable area. He will use the different air currents at different altitudes to steer the balloon toward a good landing place. The pilot also closely follows agreements with local landowners. This means that the balloon won't fly too close to livestock or land in areas planted with valuable crops.
What if I'm afraid of heights?
Flying in a high sided balloon basket is not like standing in a roof or a high ladder. You don't get that vertigo feeling. It is more like the ground is unfolding beneath you and because you are moving with the wind, there is no wind blowing. The basket does not rock or sway so you can't possibly fall out.
How high hot air balloons fly?
Most balloonists enjoy low level flight. The typical balloon flight would be anywhere from tree level to about 900 meters (3,000 feet) above the ground. For Cappadocia Balloon flights, it is not really necessary climbing to high altitudes. For a short time, its good to have panoramic view of Cappadocia then it might be boring. Also most of he time, there are strong air currents in higher altitudes to carry the balloon way far from the most significant areas.


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Hot Air Ballooning Cappadocia


I would highly recommend this hot air balloon team as they were all extremely friendly and the pilot performed a few tricks like positioning the balloons shadow to look like a heart. The balloon launches from the red valley so you get too see the rose valley. Over all its a very professional company. Recommended.
Hot Air Ballooning Cappadocia



A wonderful experience!

Awesome!!!! On time pick up! Exceptional crew! Safety first! Smooth ride and landing. The journey and view unimaginable! A beautiful Certificate and Champagne celebration!
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